A memoir of a foray into beekeeping, my garden, my life...
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A time poor, middle aged woman becomes a newbee beekeeper. Together with running a

business, raising two teenage kids and training a husband, caring for a recalcitrant dog and

a flock of feathered friends on a suburban block in Melbourne, what could possibly go wrong?


Take time out from your own hectic life, to have a laugh about someone else’s. Become immersed in the amazing world of bees, whilst at the same time following the journey as my garden evolves into a bee friendly paradise. Along the way I reflect on life, and in particular the lessons my grandmother and my children have taught me.


My memoir will make you laugh, and probably make you cry too. So grab a coffee (or something stronger), waggle dance your butt to the couch, curl up in front of the fire, and for just a little while be transported into another world - mine.

Flip through some of the pages of my book below - and if you like what you read, don't forget to exit via the gift shop!

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